From Red Wine to Red Bridge to Redwoods

Written by The Rouser

I’ve been MIA the last few weeks- sorry! My husband and I just returned from our trip to Costa Rica. I will post up on our adventure soon!

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of our trip to the San Francisco area and beyond. Beyond being Nicasio, Mountainview, Petaluma, Sunnyvale, Woodside, Dillon Beach, and Downtown SFO.

Fun fact 1: Cows are loud af and will moo all night long! A-holes!

Fun fact 2: No wifi on CalTrain! How is that acceptable in the Bay Area?!

Fun fact 3: Hans does some incredible things with a pineapple… that sounds bad… I mean in the most PG way possible. He cooked. There ya go.


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