Southwest Chief Train to New Mexico

Southwest Chief Train to New Mexico

Written by The Rouser

There is a sweet spot right between Christmas and New Years Eve that is the best time to book an overnight train ride.

The reason why I call it the sweet spot is that you can find some excellent last-minute deals to score lower prices on Amtrak Superliner Roomette fares which give you your own tiny private room to sleep in, complimentary meals, access to the viewing car and more!

We took Amtrak’s Southwest Chief Train from Los Angeles to Albuquerque last December…



Fun Fact 1:

Sleeping on the train can be a rough experience for anyone who takes the top bunk due to the sudden turns on the track. They have sleeping seatbelts which we called “sleep-belts” to make sure you do not fall out during a deep REM sleep.

Fun Fact 2:

Head over to the viewing car before the sun comes up for unbelievable sunrises. You also want to make sure you can score one of the good seats early before the car is full of passengers.

Fun Fact 3:

Anticipate the inevitable train delay – our delay was almost three hours! Another important thing to know is the stops are only around 10-15 minutes so you will not be able to spend time at the many stops on the way, but it is nice to get some fresh air. Most passengers on the train took advantage of those precious minutes outside!

Fun Fact 4:

Albuquerque is charming. That’s not really a fun fact, but it is a fact.

Enjoy my photos and video below! I had to use the free music for the background of the video since it is illegal to use Doobie Brothers Long Train Running without paying out the wazoo.

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