The art of s’more-making at Caravan Outpost

I thought I knew how to make s’mores, but always winged the process which led to sticky marshmallow hands and chocolate on my face that remained stuck there until the following morning after a night of camping. My husband showed me a cool trick on this night.

He took the graham cracker squares and placed the chocolate bar squares on top. He placed them on the rocks near the fire pit to let it melt a little, but not let them become too runny by keeping them at a good enough distance from the fire. We roasted the marshmallows and placed them on top of the chocolate/cracker concoction and topped it off with the final graham cracker square. Viola!



Later that evening, Hans let our group of new friends know that he had only one ghost story that he knew from when he was younger. Okay, Hans… let’s have it…

He began his story by picking up some dirt and throwing it into the fire and saying, “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society…” (FYI- Are You Afraid of the Dark reference)

He proceeded to tell the story, and we all grew quiet. One of the girls from New York broke the silence, “That wasn’t really a ghost story.”

We all laughed so hard at that! It definitely was not a ghost story, but it was hilariously critiqued for the rest of the evening. Fellow campers were more than happy to share their alcohol in exchange for some of our food. One girl brought out her ukelele to the fire pit and sang songs in Portuguese that she learned growing up in Brazil- they were amazing! This place is cool af!


2 thoughts on “Ojai

    1. Oh, man… Goosebumps!!! I remember checking out those books during library in elementary school! Glad this post can inspire- and I can’t wait to see where you go (hopefully you post your trip)!! 🙂


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