Trip to Iceland


Written by The Rouser

Last summer Hans’s parents invited us along on a trip to Iceland.

His dad is an anthropologist with a focus on indigenous Scandinavian cultures so we were able to see more than what meets the eye in this beautiful country!


Cool Fact 1:

Hans ate a sheep’s head. (not for me… gross, mister!)

Cool Fact 2:

We saw Dave Grohl walking around Reykjavik three times because the Foo Fighters were playing at the Secret Solstice festival at Laugardalur Park. Tickets were sold out, but we walked around outside the venue since there were hundreds of people around.

Cool Fact 3:

Local thermal pools are VERY different than Blue Lagoon.

Cool Fact 4:

Unfiltered sulfur shower water smells like hard boiled eggs. It was the first time I ever squeegeed a shower floor to push the water into the side drains.

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