Kristin’s Top 10 Favorite Things (part 1)


What kind of blogger would I be if I did not have a post about my Favorite Things?

I have tried several products and supplements throughout the years, but these ten things reign supreme. They are my forever favorites, my go-tos, my everythings.

I decided I’m going to do this in two posts—the first five faves today, and the last five on Sunday. Are you ready for some seriously amazing stuff? Let’s begin!


#10 Pharmax HLC High Potency Probiotics


Sure, you go to Whole Foods and purchase your probiotics from the refrigerated section because you’ve done your homework, and know the top brands are best served cold (so to speak). This is partially true, but there’s a lot more to probiotics than refrigeration.

I will most likely dedicate an entire post to the best probiotics on the market (and for the digestive system) at some point this year — there is way too much information to post here and now — but I have to share this product with you.

So, exactly why are Pharmax HLC High Potency Probiotics the best on the market?

Because they are human-sourced, which is a rarity with probiotics. Studies have shown that one of the benefits of human-sourced probiotics is that they are more successful in colonizing in the gut. They are better able to attach to the all-important epithelial cells than animal- or dairy-sourced probiotics.

Even if you can’t spring for Pharmax, possibly the most important thing to check is the type of enteric coating your probiotics have. The reason for this is similar to the first point I made about the probiotics not making it to the intestines. If the enteric coating is not built to last, and can’t protect the probiotics inside from destruction by your natural stomach acid, then you should save your money. You’d do just as well eating Gogurt!


#9 Russkoye Pole Buckwheat Groats


I did not find buckwheat; buckwheat found me, and I could not be happier about it!

I used to work for a celebrity osteopath, and one of his clients found out that I had an autoimmune disease. She called me up randomly one day to say that she wanted to help me by taking me to get blood panels from a doctor she knew.

Two days later, I was in my car driving two and a half hours away to Ontario, California to get these panels done. When I arrived, the woman who had offered to help also gave me Russkoye buckwheat. She was from Eastern Europe, and claimed this is the best stuff out there — totally unlike what she called “American crap.”

Wait, why was this lady being so nice to me?

Well, I found out when she asked if I could give her a ride to West Hollywood. The entire two and a half hours of that ride were filled with questions about my boss, and if he was dating anyone… anddd if I thought he liked her…

I survived.

But it was the Russkoye buckwheat groats that made me fall in love! To be clear: it is not a cereal grain; it’s a fruit seed, which is great for anyone who is trying to eat gluten-free, and I personally like it better than quinoa for savory dishes. Buckwheat is high in fiber and protein. It also contains all nine of the essential amino acids which makes it a superfood! I cannot believe it is not a bigger deal out here in LA! That just means more for me!


#8 ACURE Body Wash & Exfoliating Gloves



O! M! G!

This is my favorite part of showering! I just discovered exfoliating gloves this year and they give me life! It is great for your lymphatic system and your skin. Just make sure you don’t do it every time you shower because your skin is not meant to be exfoliated too often. I could never go back to life without them!

The ACURE body wash is great because it moisturizes and cleanses using high-quality, organic ingredients. My favorite is the pure mint and lilac stem cell because it gives me a burst of energy just smelling it! You can find these products at Whole Foods or Amazon them up!


#7 Honest Organic Cotton Tampons




These tampons are great and they’re safe for us, ladies! They are made of 100% organic cotton and no fragrances, deodorants, or synthetic materials. There have been numerous studies which show the dangers of commercial tampons that are made with harsh chemicals. Some of these chemicals can do serious damage to our bodies—sometimes permanently.

I actually did a lot of research on The Honest Company, and I like a good amount of what I have found so far. I just have a few questions about some of their other products that I need to find answers for, but that isn’t stopping me from using these tampons!

I can definitely relate to Jessica’s story. I came across a couple of interviews where she said she had severe asthma growing up which led to her exhaustively researching everywhere for a cure; story of my life with my condition which, like asthma, is a chronic inflammatory condition. I’m still searching for a cure and, short of that, ways to make life more comfortable for me.

I have a great deal of respect for the mission of The Honest Company. I can’t wait to learn more about them, and try some of their other products!


#6 LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C 


I’m going to be real with you — the taste is not good, but I put these vitamin C packets into my protein shakes anyhow which makes the process much easier for me.

Why do I bother with terrible-tasting C when there are so many other products that are actually tasty? It’s because this brand is one of the best vitamin C products on the market. It’s so easily assimilated, that I can tell the difference when I forget to take the stuff.

The reason LivOn Labs has some of the best vitamin C out there is because they can ensure the bioavailability of their product. Most vitamin C on the market is not absorbed properly by the body, which means you’re not getting the amount that the product label claims you should be. Guaranteed bioavailability means your body is utilizing the product to its fullest. As I mentioned earlier when I was talking about probiotics, if your body is not absorbing something, you are better off spending your money elsewhere.

That wraps up the first part of my Top 10 Favorite Things. Come back tomorrow to see the final 5 favs!

I am still on the fence about giving up my #1, but it’s all in the name of blogging!

See you tomorrow!




  1. Mia Sutton

    I haven’t heard of any of these products, which is why I really like these kinds of posts – I get to find new things to try! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Visiting from #AuthenticBloggers

  2. T.

    WOW K. !!!! That is an awesome list 🙂

    I guess I hadn’t thought about probiotics that way before, off to research the one I take.

    The buckwheat groats sound like something I should be adding to my diet, as I am planning to go gluten free again.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine’s day, cheers, T. 🙂

    1. rousers_are_read

      Hello! The groats are so amazing! I actually make huge batches of it, and then I will either make an oatmeal-type dish, savory dish, or throw them into my smoothies. You will LOVE it, and that’s a Kristin guarantee!

      It has been an awesome V-Day so far! My boyfriend is a chef, so he has been working 14-hour days this weekend. YIKES! I have ice cold beer waiting for him when he is home. I might put them into a heart-shape haha! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Emily Hutz

    Okay, so this is wonderful and so are you! But I’m gonna need a “broke bitch gets healthy” version of this list because grad school has me shelling out all of the monies I will be making for several years to come. That said, I genuinely do want to be a HEALTHIER broke bitch 🙂

    1. rousers_are_read

      I know, I know– some of the products are far from cheap! I will try to create another list of favs that are budget-friendly in the future. The products on this list really are the best of the best though!

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