You Win Some, You Lose Some

Whoa, Nelly! Here we are, halfway through February, and I feel like it was just New Year’s the other day!

This year is proving to be quite eventful so far — especially the last couple of days!

For my own personal accounting, and because I know many, many of you can relate, I thought I’d tally up 2016’s wins and losses so far (Los Angeles Edition):


Parking: LOSS

Parking anywhere in Santa Monica is not a fun experience. I was parking in the garage across the street from where I work. I thought that it was more convenient than street parking because a spot is guaranteed, and I don’t have to run out of work every two hours to feed the meter.

I was paying about $8/day at that garage (ridiculous, I know)!

The other day my coworker asked me why I’m parking in the garage rather than the lot two blocks away that is only $27 for the entire month for Santa Monica employees.


I realized that I spent a ton of moulah for no reason! Am I the only person in Santa Monica who didn’t know about this parking garage?

Sigh… loss…


Trolling – WIN

Last week I had an incident with an online troll. They sent me a nasty message which was lame, but also slightly creeped me out. I’m aware this happens a lot on social media and this certainly was not my first rodeo with trolls.

I mentioned the incident to a few people I work with in the tech department. They said they could track where this person was sending the message from.


One of them sent me a link to message the troll back with. If they clicked on the link, they could see where the troll opened it from — IP address and location.

Hey troll, look what we’ve found so far! (And this is just the tip of the troll iceberg.)

Decimal: 2789357596
ASN: 22192
ISP: Millersville University
Organization: Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Static IP   
Continent: North America
Country: United States us flag
State/Region: Pennsylvania
City: Millersville
Latitude: 39.9811  (39° 58′ 51.96″ N)
Longitude: -76.3784  (76° 22′ 42.24″ W)
Postal Code: 17551


I have a particular set of skills.

Although they were unable to get more information other than the University, at least I can narrow down where this troll is coming from.

I love my tech guys and gals!

This was definitely a win in my book!


Del Taco Drive Thru – LOSS & WIN???

One of the non-benefits of dating a chef is the annual insanity that is Valentine’s Day weekend. My boyfriend worked approximately 30 out of 48 hours this past weekend! To say he was tired is an understatement.

Although he was incredibly busy all weekend, busting his ass to make delicious food for all the V-Day lovebirds, he still managed to surprise me with a really funny card and some sweets! He’s really awesome for doing that!

I met up with him at the restaurant towards the end of his shift, and he asked if we could stop to grab something to eat on the way home.

I swear chefs will practically starve themselves all day while feeding everyone else!

Of course we can stop for food, babe! 

The only problemo was that it was 11pm on a Sunday night. That narrowed our options down to either fast food or food trucks. We were driving past a Del Taco and he wanted that ish! As we drove around the building, we saw a couple of ambulances and a police car blocking the Del Taco drive-thru.

Maybe there was a fire? 

Did they get held up?

Did someone get hurt?

We sat there for about five minutes before we got our answer.

We watched as the medics rolled out a gurney from inside the Del Taco and pulled a sheet up over some poor guy — in clear view of where we were parked!

What. In. The. Actual. F?!?!?!

Yup, someone died at the Del Taco in Culver City on Valentine’s Day.

I was freaked out. My boyfriend had a slightly different mind set.

Allow me to give you a glimpse into the conversation we had in the car:

“Let’s get the hell out of Culver! That dude just freaking died!!!”

“Yeah, but they just loaded him up so that means the drive-thru will be opening up soon.”

(Here’s where I give him the look.) 


After a few minutes of back and forth with both of us trying to explain why or why we shouldn’t get food at dead-guy Del Taco, we ended up going to In-N-Out. Just like Adele.

That is how we spent the last hour of Valentine’s Day. I’m calling that a loss… of appetite, but a win for love (I think)!

I’d say, between the wins and losses, that 2016 has been a wash so far. There’s certainly never a dull moment out here in LA! I’ve just got to keep on trucking through February until my birthday (on the 28th)! Hopefully it will be more Kendrick and less Kanye.

Come back and visit me soon!

Take care!


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