#5: Rolling Greens

They might have the greatest name for a business ever. Their staff really know their stuff! My friend went in for one plant and wound up taking home two cacti during one visit. The guy helping him explained how to take care of them in detail.

Have you seen the plant accessories inside?! Absolutely gorgeous everywhere you turn!


#4: The Residents


I have been to a few #whichwich locations in LA, but the one in Culver has the best artwork hands down.

Culver City may not be a beach town, but it makes up for that in other ways. You know the saying “location, location, location!”

It’s smack-dab in the middle of several major areas in Los Angeles. It takes around twenty minutes or less (give or take with traffic) to get to places such as Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Venice, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.

This, in turn, creates a hodgepodge of residents in Culver- different cultures, backgrounds, resumes, and talents. The art, music, fashion, and food speak volumes about this area.

All I’m trying to say here is that if these bags are any indication of the people in the area, it tells me that some of the best artists and creative individuals are here… and I think they like sandwiches.


#3: Baldwin Hill Scenic Overlook during the day and Culver Park after dark

Yes, Culvarians know about these places already. You will find everyone and their mothers (sometimes literally) working out at these locations during the daytime. If they’re not working out, they’re at least taking a hardcore “stroll” up to the top.

Baldwin Hills Overlook does not allow dogs, but Culver Park does- it has a dog park called The Bone Yard. Whether or not you’re a dog owner, both places have impressive views of the Los Angeles basin.

These spots are less crowded and way more chill people-wise than Runyon. Sorry, it’s the truth. Don’t get me wrong, Runyon has more intense trails for sure. I just get a different vibe there than the places I’m speaking of. Going to the overlook or Culver park during the day is great; however, the best time to go is at night. Really!

 Culver Park is the closest thing to those 1950’s make-out points at night. I say close because Mary Jane is the only gal people are “making out with” up there these days. If that deters you from checking it out, you should probably move to another state. This is California, after all.

Fyi- Just don’t go alone. That rule applies anywhere remote at night. Unless you’re a ninja or something… then by all means…


#2: Queen Bee Salon & Spa

I love this place! Not only have they saved my eyebrows from something I like to call “The Purge of 2014,” but they have also turned my nails into a Christmas disco ball in outer space for a holiday party I’m attending tomorrow.

 The staff are friendly and adorable so it makes you feel at home. They also have coffee, tea, wine, and liquor at the ready- which also makes this girl feel at home. Beauty and booze? Mmm hmm!

If you go right now, they have some great products and trinkets that are perfect holiday gifts and stocking-stuffers. They have scented candles that smell sooo good! I might grinch you and buy them all for myself so I’d suggest you hurry on over before I do!

My favorite part is how cool the place looks. You start off in one mini house/cottage area and head out back through the yard to the second mini house/cottage area for your service. It’s cool.

 If you’re a guy who would like to beautify, check out the Blind Barber. It’s a barber shop with a bar in the back. Beauty and booze, man. Beauty and booze.

#1: The Culver Hotel

I mean… of course it’s the Culver Hotel! From Charlie Chaplin losing ownership to John Wayne in a poker game- to the actors who played the munchkins in The Wizzard of Oz getting hammered and trashing the place- it has some history in its bones.

The outdoor seating is perfect for people watching. The bar is a really nice one! They also drastically discount their room rates the night of (if any are available) so anyone who would like to drink and stay the night can do so and be safe. There’s a 360 degree view of the hotel and its surroundings back in the day if you happen to take the elevator- definitely check it out!

However, it’s number one because it’s more than the hotel itself that caught my attention.

It’s the owner Maya Mallick. She is, without a doubt, an amazing woman. Ladies, if you want a good role model- here she is!

 In order to run a hotel efficiently, let alone the Culver Hotel, you have to be on your A- game. The hotel is accustomed to influential guests and the occasional celebrity stopping by to dine there.

 What sets Maya apart from other hotel owners is, in my opinion, that she is actually present and fully aware of the who’s and what’s of her hotel.

My mom stayed there in October when I had my surgery (it’s a long story you can read on my website). She loved Maya because she took the time to chat with her quite a bit while she was staying there. About a week after my surgery, we stopped over to the hotel so my mom could have dinner.

It was very busy and the hostess mentioned that there would be a wait to get a table. Maya saw my mom standing there and came over right away. She immediately had someone make-shift a table so we wouldn’t have to wait. She really cares about her guests. All I have to say is class act right there!

If you take care of momma, you’re good in my book any day which is why Maya’s hotel is number one on my list.



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