The Broad

Written by The Rouser

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There are not enough adjectives to describe my visit to The Broad Museum. I experienced a ton of different feelings- from sheer love to legitimately creeped-the-eff out! This place is a must see and it’s free-99!

Most people reserved their tickets online. Other people (Hans and I) just show up and wait in a small side line for about twenty minutes until they let the non-ticket holders in.

I recommend a quick trip to Central Market before you head to the museum. You can eat your heart out and then walk a few blocks to The Broad. I will have to go back to Central Market because I really wanted to try out Egg Slut, but the line was long. Yes, I said Egg Slut.

Check out the photos I took from my visit above!

For more information about The Broad, check it out here.

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